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Life events

Ping Pong Tron

Inspired by the movie Tron, we adapted Ping Pong sport to bring it into the net. Using an Arduino with motion sensors and pressure sensors on the pads we detected the actions of the game and we twitted them.

November 2012

Pedidos Silver Sanz

This is a B2B platform set up to enhance the relationship between Silver Sanz and his clients, make his products easier to find and to buy, and to optimize the sales flow.

October 2009


During the module Exploring technology at Hyper Island we were challenged to reproduce different shapes using LED in motion. Our group had to do a square!

November 2012

Domestic violence awareness

An IRC and Gyro collaboration brief focused on developing a campaign to increase the awareness on the domestic violence towards women.

September 2012

Küchen Time

This was my last project at Moon Labs. It is a B2B/B2C platform for Küchen time a kitchen furniture provider, one of the most important in Spain. Check it out here:

December 2011

Antoni Bosch Editors

This project is a B2C platform with the aim to improve Antoni Bosch on-line sales. The sales went up more than 250%

April 2010


This project was born as a prototype for a very ambitious project. It is based on IOS native and with it you can produce all the frequencies in a range from 200Hz up to 10.000Hz.

June 2010

Digital Magazine for the Blind

During the Hyper Island module "Tech and Design Weeks" we were meant to use the Design tools and figure out how the digital magazines would be in future. This is what I came up with.

December 2012

Hyper Island

I joined Hyper Island School in Stockholm to improve my communication skills, my team building tools.

August 2012

Moon Labs

In September 2009 I joined Lluis Folch's adventure to create a Digital agency in Barcelona.

September 2009


After my graduation in Computer Science from Universitat Ramon Llull, I started an internship in a company based in Geneva called Adeya.

February 2009


I love sports! Telemark and sailing are two of my favorits! I suffered many injuries but I fight back and overcome them in order to practice what I love!

Adidas NEO

We created NEO Now and a campaign to promote it. The project was a colaboration between Hyper Island, Adidas and NEO.

May 2013

I Love Cooking

One of my favourite hobbies is cooking. Each time a have free time, I spend some on learning new cooking skills.

May 2012


This is a very ambitious adventure. Didrik, Sebastian, Vitali and me, all from Hyper Island, we decided to initiate our own startup

January 2013

Caviar Nacarii Distribution

I had this feeling of trying to start something by my own so i tried to distribute caviar produced in my country Catalonia to Switzerland.

January 2010

Stand & Cocacola Rise

After a year and a half at Hyper Island, It was time to do an internship in order to graduate. At that moment M&C Saatchi Sydney was looking for interns for their SPARK program.


Ping Pong Tron

This project was born during the Exploring Technology module at Hyper Island. The theme was "Illuminated immersion". The aim of the assignment was for us to explore technological components and challenge their use in creating prototypes for the interactive installation of a product, a service or a game (all with an emphasis on creativity, exploration, and fun, rather than on business development).


The project tries to represent the Chaos with the LED motion. Inspired by the movie Tron, we adapted Ping Pong to bring it into the net. Using an Arduino with motion sensors and pressure sensors on the paddle we detected the actions of the game. Then this information was transmitted to a computer with a Python script that twitted each hit or miss (net). This would be the Chaos on the net.


To create the Chaos by means of the LED in motion, we created a pair of suits, one for each player, in two different colors: red and blue. These suits were connected to the paddles as well, so they would blink with each hit.

The project was a complete success and, after some people loved playing, 4 twitter accounts were blocked due to overactivity twitting. My role on this project was as developer: I programmed both the Arduino and the Python script. Actually, I was not part of this team, but as they didn't have a developer I offered myself to help them while, at the same time, I was managing my team, Square.

Exploring_technology__096 Exploring_technology__055

Pedidos Silver Sanz

Silver Sanz is one of the biggest electronic and lightbulb suppliers in Spain. They have agreements with many different kinds of stores. During the first year at 'Wet Floor' we developed a distribution platform to enhance the relationship with their clients and make it even easier for them to find and buy what they need. With a direct connection with SS database and selfgenerated orders, we created a great B2B platform which is perfectly suited to their needs.


With this tool a client can place different orders, check all the terms and conditions, check for discounts, etc... The platform is constantly syncronized with the Silver Sanz SAP server. Thus there is no delay on the provider side and the clients have an instant update.


I played many roles during the development of this project. The main one was as back-end development. But I also played a strategic role and got to be an architecture information designer. Front-end and JQuery skills were also required.

The project was a success and every day Silver Sanz has more and more clients that use this channel to place orders.


This project was also born during the module Exploring Technology at Hyper Island. The module had the same theme as the Ping Pong Tron project, "Illuminated immersion". We were to explore technological components and challenge their use in creating prototypes for an interactive installation, a product, a service or a game (all with an emphasis on creativity, exploration, and fun, rather than on business development).


This time the challenge was to produce a very simple shape, which is not so easy to produce using LED in movement. The shape was, of course, a Square. The first point to think about was which would be the best motion of the LED, whether to use some mechanics or not. Finally we decided that the best way would be to use a line of LED placed in a strategic position and make them blink at the right moment. The synchronization between the spinning and the blinking would create a perfect square.


After some calculations, we used an Arduino as the brain to make the LED blink at a certain frequency and a proximity sensor (replaced afterwards by a trigger button) to control the spinning speed in order to make it more interactive and create different shapes. To empower the shapes and make them easier to see, we used a webcam with a long exposure filter, so the user could see the spinning machine live and the delayed shape, creating a great effect!


During this project I took part on the creative concept, the design, and the development, but my main role was as project manager.

Domestic violence awareness

This project was a collaboration between NGO IRC (, Ghyro and Hyper Island students. The aim of the briefing was to come up with a concept and to do a 7 seconds video to raise the awareness on domestic violence towards women in the world.

The concept my team and me came up with was to show the social isolation and the rejection/exclusion that these women suffer. We want people to help them instead of isolating or ostracizing them. It is similar to the way people treat bruised apples in grocery stores.

Buying these bruised apples, a certain percentage of the price of the apple would go to support the IRC and to provide help for these women. Each apple would have a label with a message on it. Social media like Facebook and Twitter would reinforce the campaign with the extra help of a micro site.


Küchen Time

This was a challenging project. We created an awesome platform that helps the client to structure his catalog and show it in a very beautiful way. The 'content manager system' was the most challenging part and it was very carefully designed to make life easier for the client.


Another good challenge was to embed the kitchen designer simulator that was provided by another company. We had to adapt our CMS to their system in order to add and remove different furniture elements into the simulator. But it ended up being a great function for the clients.


The platform of course functions like a shop and like another distribution point. So Küchen time improved their sales to final clients and at the same time provided a new distribution channel for their big company clients.

My role during this project was as chief developer, payment bridge development and data structure designer, but I also had to manage the relations with clients, with the kitchen simulator provider and with the payment bridges providers.

Antoni Bosch Editors

This was a very interesting project. We created a very optimized and easy to use content manager for them and a great user interface. The shop deals in eBooks and printed books so we linked it with the SINLI service ( in order to provide the eBooks.


The shop is linked with the Sermepa and PayPal payment bridges. The Order system is intelligent so it always keeps the information from the last transaction so the user doesn't need to fill the full form every time. The shop accepts different shipment locations.


The user can find all their needs with a very quick search query and the feeds are sorted by author and by title. It is a very practical and friendly interface.



This was a small prototype to become the base for a bigger project. The main goal of that project was to cancel the noise that surrounds us using the build-in mic on the Iphone. In order to do that we had to go deep down into the frameworks stack on the IOS architecture and work with Audio Units. After more than 2 months of work, research and checking with sound and mathematics experts, we concluded that the project was too ambitious. So that's what remains of it.


Digital Magazine for the Blind

During this month at Hyper Island, we had a module called "Tech and Design Weeks". The aim of this module was to become more familiar with the design and technology and the tools around them. For the Design part of this module we had to imagine how digital magazines would look like in the near future and suggest a design for them.

After making some research and surfing around on internet, I found this great video about haptic technology applied on tablets. This company called Senseg is developing a haptic touch screen with which you can feel different textures while you swipe the screen.

Inspired by this technology and thinking about blind people I decided to design the near future digital magazine for blind people. It is a simple navigation system based in a stack of layers that are one on top of the other in virtual pyramidal shape which increases as you go deeper into the article. To go back on the stack you just tap outside the layer. How to know where you are? The frames are felt by the finger thanks to the haptic technology.

You can both read using Braille or the audio version, but at the same time you can explore the pictures by feeling its textures. This feature can also be used for instance in fashion magazines so the reader can have an idea of how the fabric would feel on their skin. And this is just one example of a new world that opens up with this technology!

Here is a little schema about my navigation system design using haptic technology.


Hyper Island


After almost 4 years working at the WetFloor and Moon labs developing both B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms, I realized that I wanted more diversity on the type of projects I would like to do. During those years I learned a lot about back-end, Rails, and administration systems, but I felt stuck and a little bit bored with the nature of the projects.

Hyper Island looked like the best place to expand my creative side, together with my team building skills (very low at that moment, so I just worked in two people teams) and to get a change in the nature of the projects I would do there, being those more creative and fun.


Moon Labs

Lluis Folch is a designer from Barcelona and he wished to create his own agency. He hired me as his only developer and employee. The agency was meant to create great B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms at the beginning and slowly grow and produce a wider range of applications.

It was a great place to improve and increase my developer skills but after almost 4 years, my ambitions where bigger than what Moon Labs could offer me and I wanted to try other kinds of projects.


Adeya is a company that provides encrypted communications. At that time they had a product for Symbian OS devices, and they were working to develop the product for BlackBerry.

My role was mainly to test the product and help the debugging process team. In order to do that I learnt the basics of Symbian OS and got familiar using the SVN version control system.


This was a great opportunity to get used to the professional world, make a dip in the mobile technology, learn some French and live an awesome experience in a different country. It was a good learning experience.


I always loved to practice sports! Both team or single sports! I do practice soccer, golf, sailing, ski etc... After many years practicing alpine ski i moved to telemark! It is great and the feeling is pretty similar to dance while you go down hill.


My sportlive is full of injuries but i always fightback and trying hard to go back on the game! I suffered four knee surgeries two on each knee, but as you can see i still love practicing sports of all kind!

Img_1275 Ski 30069_10150188048490013_297119_n 5770_237211720012_5926188_n 367_94644420012_522_n

Adidas NEO

During the last module of this year at Hyper Island, "Running a digital agency" we received a brief from Adidas NEO. They wanted to develop a device or come up with a concept similar to the Nike Fuel Band but, instead of being based on performance, focused on promoting young people to become active and be more social offline. We created NEO Now.


Neo Now is a very resistant device with a fish eye camera that can be clipped on the clothes, used as a ring or a keychain. It can be linked to your phone via Bluetooth and is very discreet.

In addition to the device, we were asked to create a campaign to promote it and we came up with "Neo Now Hunter". The user must download the app and register to the campaign. Then, the app will show 100 pictures of the city where the user is located and he has to find the exact spot where the picture was taken.


When the user gets to the right spot for a picture, s/he has to share on the social media that he has found a Neo Now point. Thus s/he will receive a code to be exchanged for a device.


During the module my role was as wireframe designer. I made all the app wireframes. It was a great learning experience and I increased my skills in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and other design techniques.

I Love Cooking

I love challenges, and cook is a big one. Cooking as well is a great way to stretch my creativity combining tastes and explore different ways of preparing good dishes or not that good :). It takes time, repetition, discipline and perfection but it is amazing when you succeed.

In this video you can see me cooking a lobster stew! It was delicious.

As well i love Japanese food and of course I learnt some skills on preparing sushi and some noddles! It requires a lot of practice and patience and i'm far to do it great, but i can prepare some makis!

Sushi Img_0027



Canu want to provide a new way to find activities around you and make you be part of the real world, but at the same time encourage you to take initiative and create activities for your friends or for new people that you may don't know!

Canu is so far the most challenging project I've started. My role is CTO and I'm in charge of the development part and the technical decisions.This challenge will make me improve on my IOs and API knowledge and skills.

If you want to know more visit our website:

Caviar Nacarii Distribution


It was a fun and exciting adventure! It was my first time that i dared to start something by my own. I had a partner in Geneva and I did very good friends during this project. I started a good friendship with Sara ,the Global Sales Manager at Nacarii.

I helped Nacarii as much as I could (so i didn't have any previous experience on that field) and I still do as long as I have the opportunity to make them get more clients. After one year I decided to focus more on my carrier, so I don't sell caviar any more, but I still keep in touch with Sara.

Stand & Cocacola Rise

M&CSaatchi Sydney was creating an internship program, SPARK. You could apply to it individually or in group. Lujan, Annet, Ulrik, Rasmus and me team up to answer the brief. The brief consist on solving a complex problem with a simple solution that uses technology And we came up with Stand.


We won the pitch and go the internship. A couple of month later we saw that Future Lions had the topic RISE and link a product that couldn't be done 5 years ago to a brand. Then we saw the opportunity to twist the idea and create a product for Coca-Cola and his fight against sedentarism. Then Coca-Cola Rise was born.


We didn't get shortlisted but the learnings from it was huge from everybody in the group.